René's pictures from 2 tage leben

  • :) thank`s , the pictures are great an i think we all will enjoy this movie :)

  • Thanks for the link! :)

    The pictures are amazing! I can't wait to see the film! :D

    Its new titel is Entführt-Ich hol dich da raus.Unfortunately, I dont understand that. :D

    I would say "Entführt - Ich hol dich da raus" means "kidnapped - I'll get you out there" in English. (I hope it is correct.) ;)

  • WOW! Thank you very much! It looks not only like action, but even lot of drama. The best pictures are, where you see Rene Steinke with the gun...his look! Amazing! He plays very well.

  • Hey!thanks for sending the link to this page about our actor rené steinke and the pictures to the movie!greetz ^^

  • Thank you for the link :) These pictures are really fantastic!

    I'm very excited of the movie ;)

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