Where are Carina Wiese and Niels Kurvin ?

  • Hello :)

    I'm currently discovering new episodes with Pia and frankly speaking, I hope that dark and gloomy even sinister general atmosphere will change quickly !

    I cannot recognise the series I love since the very beginning !

    Where is the sens of humour that was typical of the series ?

    Where are the key characters like Andrea, "Einstein", Susanne, Semir's daughters ?

    For now, I'm disappointed X/:(

  • Hi,

    Actually the project does not include all of them...

    About Andrea and her daughters it explained that they are in Denmark cause Andrea got a good chance for her career and she took Dana and Lily with her...

    Regarding hartmut, Finn and Jenny there no explication why they quit.

    Susanna got much money (but not in a legal way) and flew away with her ex boyfriend and father of her son Friedrich

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