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    Actually the project does not include all of them...

    About Andrea and her daughters it explained that they are in Denmark cause Andrea got a good chance for her career and she took Dana and Lily with her...

    Regarding hartmut, Finn and Jenny there no explication why they quit.

    Susanna got much money (but not in a legal way) and flew away with her ex boyfriend and father of her son Friedrich

    1 Semir / andre

    2 Semir /Frank

    3 Semir /Alex

    4 Semir/Vicky

    5 Semir /Tom

    6 Semir /Paul

    7 Semir l Chris

    8 Semir / jan

    9 Semir / Ben

    My order is this one because i do not like the comedy stories , so ben is the worst partner of semir (and to be honest i do not even like his way to act ).

    The most expressive actor for me it's Vinzenz KIefer .. i was not happy when was announced as new partner of Semir but i changed my opinion immediatly

    Eye sorry could you list me all the episodes cut? I have all Italian e German version (German on DVD) but I do not think German are cut.. Are you sure?

    The only one I know was mord und totschlang the last scene... In Germany it finish when Anton kiss the reisenrad in Italy after this semir goes out with a girl

    Excuse me, could some one update me? They said that cobra 11 was over.. Now it will continue? And pia u know is in Tuscany because she is shooting something and she shared on Instagram while She was watching cobra 11 dubbed into Italian (the first 2 episodes with her)

    I think that they are probably doing a test in case the serie will continue .. and they want to test the style of the episodes that the viewers preferes.

    Comedy stile (100%comedy) like ben's episodes period (execpet 1 and 2 season and last 7 episodes)

    dark style (my favourite ) like Brandt period

    Mix style (like paul and semir couple) where some episodes are comedy some quite police but are a middle way beetween alex and ben (with paul some are comedies but not many) some are normal and the last serie is like brandt period (for this reason my favourite staffel with paul is the last one).

    Definly i think they are doing market test to undestrad if the serie must continue and if it has to be...




    I think last serie with Pia was not bad ma too dark (not even light in the office !!) if ti would have been like brandt period would have been perfect

    and also police cars have the english label that makes it appear like american serie and that 's not good for germnay (i always said that german krimis are much better than american's)

    Could anybody record the 25th jubilaum of cobra 11 and share with me please? I am in Italy and cannot receive the German channel

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    I watched it and it s the best of this seasoj until now. The only thing i do not like is because the personal story of semir is going on so for the main case there are not many suspected and is easy to understand who is the murder (that has not been shown in the last episode)