What Is The Meaning Of Erdoğan Atalay 's Nick name Die Arche

  • Hello Everybody How do You do ?

    Let me ask You a question about the nickname of Erdoğan Atalay on his cover page at the Social Media accounts of him. He says that his nick name is Die Arche So What does the meaning Of Die Arche in English ? What does it mean ? Can anybody describe the menaing to Me ?

    Thank You veyr much have a wonderful week days. Kindly Regards. :)

  • Hello Captainfrog!
    Good Morning! And now an answer for your question: If you read on Wikipedia you can see, that " Die Arche" is an christian Institution, who helps poor children in Germany. Another Actors as Günther Jauch, Susanne Sideropoulos and many other people support this institution, too.
    Have a nice day!

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