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    When do the new films be aviable to see? Also Where do We able to see them? If You know than Could You please inform Me? Thank You very much. Kindly Best Regards To You from İzmir City Turkey. ( Hometown Of Erdoğan Atalay 's Father )

    it was so sad and tragedic Helicopter accident. I am feeling so sad that I cry everytime of seeing the episodes with Christian Oliver and I say now he is in the heaven with his two daughters Who were died at the bad accident. I wish All Rest In Peace and God may take them to the Best Place to the Heaven. More I wish to his Parent and to All of Us ( Cobra 11 Fans ) infinitive patience.

    Hello Dear All; I wish You Merry Christmas and happy New Year. God bless You and your beloved ones. More Could You please tell me Where may I see the Event Films of 2023? Is it possible to see at rtlnow de or is there any other websites? Thank You very much. Kindly Best Regards To You from İzmir City Turkey. 🙂🙋‍♂️

    Hello Dear All; I hope to see many 90 minutes Tv series of Cobra 11 as event film as much as we may. I wait the broadcast dates impatiently. Pass gut auf dich auf. Kindly Best Regards to You.🙂🙋‍♂️

    Secondly; If You know Where we may see the three event film of Cobra11 Which is produced at the begining of 2023 on January. Could You please tell me the three event film of Cobra11 link. Thank You very much. Have an enjoyable time and great Weekend. :)

    Best Regards

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    Hello Mrs.Hillmer ;

    First of all; I congratulate You as being Grandmother of your Grandchildren. God bless You. I wish You live always healthy, peaceful, happy, lucky, wealthy long term life all together. I share my Best Regards To You.

    Secondly; You are special person for me So I got my first International Audience Award from Cobra 11 Tv Series Fan Club While You are the Administrator with Marco. You and Marco have sent my award by post to my Address in İzmir city Turkey from Köln Germany. This moment was so prouding for me. I never forget this Fantastic time in my lifetime.

    Finally; It is so sad to loose You for the Fanclub. You are so valuable and so much Fan of Cobra 11 Tv Series. So I saw that You really worked with so much devotion for this Fanclub as volunteer Ofcourse Your missing is a great loss for this Fan Club. I am also happy to know and meet You in my life. I wish You happiness and wellness for your further life. Kindly Best Regards To You as the Homeland person of Erdoğan Atalay's Rip Father. ( İzmir - Turkey )

    Yours Sincerely

    Thank You very much Marco for sharing the Fan Meeting Photos with us. By the way; We are so sorry about the Eartquake Where has happened at the south eastern and through the Mediaterian region demolished the 10 cities in Turkey. Unfortunately There are thousands of People still waiting to be rescued under the trapped buildings. Finally; According to the Goverment Officers declaretion 5600 people are death and 16.000 people are injured. The News Agents declare the death numbers will increase. God bless our World. Pass gut auf dich auf.

    Hello Mav Thank You very much for your answer. And more I will follow the pages of RTL for the startin g date of Cobra 11. Secondly ; Do You know that Erdoğan ATALAY's Father Who died early this year was from my hometown İzmir City Turkey. Thirdly; Did You attend to the Fan Meeting ? Finally; I am the poet and the author also Research&Development officer in İZMİR İZMİR City Culture and Art Magazine. As I told You İzmir is the city Where Erdoğan ATALAY's Rip Father from.

    Finally ; Nice to meet You. Pass gut auf dich auf.

    Hello Vlada How do You do ?

    Thank You very much for your information sharing. I would like to ask You that ; we will see the Cobra 11 series on rtlvnow de website link just like the previous years ? Or Do we see on only RTL Broadcasting ? Kindly Best Regards To You. Pass gut auf dich auf. :):thumbup:

    For October/November 2022 the films will only be available on RTL+. They will be shown on regular television in early 2023. :)

    Hello Mav ; How do You do ?

    Thank You very much for your reply. So We are going to see them in 2023 at the new year via rtlnowde website and on RTL normal broadcasting Tv. I don't understand Why do they broadcast on plus channel with extra fee ? Because Cobra 11 Tv series were free.

    Yours Sincere

    Büyük hayran buluşması ve C11 tatilinden sonra hala Kall-Urft'a kaç kişinin ulaşacağını merak ediyorum... Umarım gerçek hayranlar oradadır! 8.)

    Eh, söylemeliyim ki, henüz sosyal medya kanallarımızda açıklanmamasına rağmen, alınan kayıt sayısı beni çok şaşırttı, ancak bunu hafta sonu yakalayacağız.

    Hello Marco Wie geht Es Ihnen ? ( Sorry just know little German. I write to You up to I know )

    Katılımcı sayının ilgisi elbette beklentilerinizin üzerinde olacaktır. Çünkü genelde tüm dünyada Aktör ya da Sanatçı'nın ölümünden sonra ve burada da Cobra 11 serisinin bitmesinden sonra büyük ilgi görüyor. Sırf bu bilimsel teori sayesinde hayranların ilgisi arttı.

    On the other hand ; I am an exception So If I were in Germany I would always participate to the fan meeting every yeat. More. I live outside of Germany and I wish you please record the Meeting video and please share with the Fans Who live outside of Germany. I am sure that many Fans like me want and wish this for seeing the fan meeting as if they are at the fan meeting. If You do this for us. I will be very glad. If you see Erdoğan ATALAY please tell my regards to him and I am his hometown citizen in izmir city Turkey. And I have communicated with his Rip in real life. Pass gut auf dich auf.

    Best Regards

    Hello Dear All ;

    I think we all should be patient and look through the coming near future for the situation of our common passion Cobra 11. As being the hometown resident of Erdoğn ATALAY , I also hope to see the new eventfilms impatiently. Whereas ; It is told as the best Medicine is the time. Lets wait and see What will happen. God bless You.

    Best Regards

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    O zaman ben de kendi tarafımızdan resmi bir yaşam sinyali vermek istiyorum:

    Halen planlama üzerinde çalışıyoruz ve kayıt aşamasının yakında başlayacağını varsayıyoruz. Fan buluşması yukarıda belirtildiği gibi 14-16 Ekim 2022'de gerçekleşecek.

    Hello Dear All ;

    As most of You know I live in İzmir city Turkey Where is the city of Erdoğan ATALAY's RIP Father is from. More as Cobra 11 Fan I request You to record many many videos at Fan Meeting and upload the videos to a Youtube Channel So By this way ; The Cobra 11 Fans Who live outside of Germany like me may feel the Joy of Cobra 11. God bless You. Thank You very much if You make my request real. I will be very very happy and glad. Kindly Best Regards To You.

    Secondly I have contacted with Teoman ATALAY before his death. And He was also congratulated me for bein and follower of his son's ( Erdoğan ATALAY's ) Tv Series. I wish him Rest In Peace and may God takes his soul to Heaven. Pass gut auf dich auf.

    Yours Sincerely

    Gültekin :):başparmak yukarı:

    Erdoğan Atalay, yeni "Bibi & Tina" filminin galasında eşi ve çocuklarıyla kırmızı halıda yürüdü.

    Thank You very much Vlada for the news sharing. I wish Erdoğan ATALAY will return back to the screen with Cobra 11 again. Cobra 11 is like one of the hand and the leg of him. By the way ; I am the hometown person of Erdoğn ATALAY's RIP Father in İzmir city Turkey. Pass gut auf dich auf.

    Eye İyi görünüyor. Muhtemelen sonbaharda gerçekten bir şey olacak.
    Bu dersi RTL'den hiç anlamıyorum. Marka değiştirildiğinden beri kendilerini bile tanımıyorlar

    Programlarını nasıl hizalamaları gerektiği. Ve 3 filmin hepsi kapatılmış gibi görünüyor?
    Ve arşivde tutuyorlar. Gönder ama "Fiyat sıcak" İşte o zaman RTL'yi ilk kez tekrar izledim

    RTL'yi en son Cobra 11 sezonunda görmüştüm.

    @Diriliş "Screenforce-Days."
    Okuduğum kadarıyla, Cobra 11 orada gösterilmemiş.

    Ve bu birçoklarını hayal kırıklığına uğrattı.

    İkinci filmin dublajını bitirirler. Birkaç gün içinde üçüncü filmle başlayacaklar.

    Hello Vlada ; How do You do ?

    Are You sure that we may see the new Cobra 11 event films at the end of August ? So We will see them week by week in 3 weeks time or one after the other in the same day.? Pass gut auf dich auf. :)

    Well, have only 3 films to tell what they wanna tell, so it's the question if you wanna "waste" that limited amount of time on a former side character. Would be nice to see her appear, but I don't need a whole episode to focus on Andrea or the kids anymore. Especially in the Renner-era that was too much!

    I think focussing on the new characters and new strories ist the best thing to do for this reboot of the reboot. i always love to see old characters return (especially hoping to see Jan, Alex and Paul at some point), but it's not the right time for that yet.

    Bringing back Hartmut would be different, as he could fit in the new team very well. A film on his return would be awesome.

    I believe and want from the production Company to stay loyal to the past of the origin of Cobra 11. Which is chasing the criminals on the highway by Semir and his partners with their BMW 3.35i. Also Semir's argument with his partners about driving the car first and about driving technic is also so funny, then after Semir crashes his car He became very sorry and seen embrassed towards to Mrs. Kruger. And I would like to see these scenes in the episodes. So We miss it as Fans. Ofcourse Hartmutt is extremely looked character in the episodes by the Audiences. By the way ; I am the Homeland person of Erdoğan Atalay's father ( Rip ) Kindly Best Regards To You.