20 years of Semir Gerkhan in Cobra 11

  • On the facebook page of Alarm für Cobra 11 a brand new video was published. But it's not about 38 season - it's about Semir Gerkhan and his experience as Cobra 11 cop. And it's no coincidence that it was published just today. Semir Gerkhan joined Cobra 11 on 21st of August 1995 (according to the wall calendar), so exactly 20 years passed since then.


  • @Simon., seen in the background in some scenes of ep. "Der neue Partner". For example around 6th minute, when Frank is talking with Anja. If you have this episode in good quality, you can propably just see it.
    I've got only bad quality shot (here), but if you count days, the red frame is on "21". And you can also see that it's 31-days month just after 31-days month. So it has to be August. Year is obvius - 1995, when the episode was filmed.

    I know, it's not official, but I don't believe it's an accident that video like that (with Erdogan/Semir talking about his job, etc) is published on 21st of August 2015, exactly the same day, but 20 years later.

    @Actionheld 2.0, sorry, aber ich bin nicht Deutsch. Meistens kann ich diese übersetzen: das ist das Video zu feiern 20 Jahre von Semir Gerkhan in Cobra 11. Er hat das Team vor genau 20 Jahre (21 August 1995) beitreten.

  • "An seinen allerersten Drehtag kann sich Erdogan noch gut erinnern: "Der war cool. Weil ich sollte auf so einen Hund drauffahren - also nicht drauffahren, sondern der saß da so - und dann sollte ich da so ganz dicht an ihn rankommen. Aber ich sah den nicht mehr, weil er unter der Motorhaube verschwunden war...und dann bin ich angefahren und ich war ganz unsicher, denn ich wollte den ja nicht treffen! Das war so die erste Szene, die ich gedreht habe, gleich mal auf einen Hund drauffahren. Aber ich habe ihn nicht verletzt, er war unverletzt und es ging ihm spitze!"

    This is an extract from an interview with Erdogan Atalay. He talks about his first shooting day with the dog called "Bond" in the episode. If Erdogan remembers correctly as I suppose, this has been his first day and so it had to take place before the shooting day in the police station. ;)

    For me it´s nothing more than pure coincidence. RTL also released a few other videos (for example with newsspeaker Peter Kloeppel) in the last few days.

    But if there is the possibility, I will ask Erdogan one day ..

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