Danger on road

  • Two police man from four team road police German.One have name Andre,two have name Swartz.they drive on road 50 to side Berlin,but they send incomming message from road police:
    -Me some hear?
    -Yes,what happen?
    -Five cars drive in side office complex on 5 street.I mean,what they have weapons. You can help us,capture this bad guy?
    -Yes,you only say our,what this office complex?
    -Company farm-chemical enterprises.They build new chemical for destroy all metal exterior,if they stolen this fluid-all metal construction and transport system will be in danger.You help us?
    -Of course,do not problem.
    -All police department,emergence first level.
    -Look,this they.Drive on maximum speed.I send message on police department cobra 11:We find they,all cars black colors.
    One bad guy open door and begun shoot from weapon m-16.
    -OOU,this is very bad.
    -Get down.
    -Maybe this stop they.
    -Look,close factory on mount.Maybe if we shoot on this ground wall,giant pie ground foll on they car.
    -OOU,look out,cage.
    -Do not worry,just be relax.
    car damage cage.
    -On right side.
    -Us lose.They enter in office complex.
    -Maybe no.We too enter in complex.Stop this bad guy.
    Office complex was dark,some doors in room was open,windows broken.Elevator do not work.
    -They go on five level and on roof.
    -Stop,you do not capture this chemical.We do not want,what you use this for evil.
    -They use pistol.Cover me,i shoot in this tank.
    -Fuel-this is very danger.
    -Do not worry,this under my control.
    He shoot in tank,more powerful explosive,bad guy foll on roof.
    -We they capture.Please say our people,here will be many police cars and too must will be helicopter,what they can not escape from here.
    -This good job.
    -I agree with you.maybe go in shop,buy pizza and drink beer.
    -O.k.I hope,what our next mission will be do not very hard.
    -I too hope on this.


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