Int. fanmeeting confirmation

  • Hello Forummembers,

    I have signed my in for the international fanmeeting. And I have received a confirmation a view months ago (from Thorsten).

    I have sended several mails to ask of the payment is received and if it is 100% sure. But I did not get any reaction. It's a little bit annoying because I have send money (much) and I do not know what I can aspect. Now I don't know If I can be there or I can't.

    Is there a other way to reach the organisation.


    groetjes uit Nederland!

    Kevin Bakker

  • Hi Kevin,

    whom you paid the amount, you can also 100% sure that you are there. We have next to the fan club also real work that is going on. We therefore ask for your patience. All mails are processed. So please be patient .... Your money will be used exactly for that you paid for it ... for the fan meeting in which you are obviously here.

    Thank you

    Der Welt gehen die Genies aus,
    Einstein ist tot
    Beethoven wurde taub
    und ich fühle mich auch nicht gut. :D:D

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