Frage zu Semirs Religion...

  • Hallo everyone!
    I'm new on this forum, so sorry if this post doesn't belong to the right section.
    I have a question about Semir's religion: is he muslim or catholic? In the serie I think it's never specified...

    By the way, I'm from Italy, I can't speak well german, so I preferred writing in english...Es tut mir leid ;)
    And danke for your answers, this is a great forum!

  • Hello!
    Welcome to this forum!
    As far as I know, Semir is a muslim, but he married Andrea Schäfer in a catholic ceremony.

    I'm not sure about that, but I believe that I heard it somewhere. :)

  • Ah, danke!
    I wondered about this question because he doesn't follow the rules that a muslim should I've never undestood that ;)

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