I just love you!

  • Oh, René... my greateast actor!
    I am french, I am sorry, I don't speak a word of German. I am 18 years old and since Cobra has been broadcasted in France, I have always watched the series... I'm... well, a bit nervous to write you. I do not know what I could tell you... Cobra 11 is now a part of my life... Your "Comeback" hasn't been broadcasted still. I am so impatient to see you again!
    Well, I am sorry, you might think I am stupid, but I am... yes, I am too much shy!
    Know that you've got at least one big fan in France, I love watching you on my screen... you... well, you are the best, I love you René! I would shake your hand and clasp you in my arms if you were in front of me. You fascinates me.
    Thanks you... Je vous admireTom!

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