Alarm Fur Cobra in English

  • Hi everyone, I am from England and am a massive fan of this show. I have a particular interest for the stunt scenes that feature in every episode, but I am disappointed that the show does not appear to be available in English. It does not air in any English speaking territories, despite being widely aired across Europe. Does anyone know why this could be? I feel that it would be just as successful over here, and I would love to be able to watch episodes in full which I am currently unable to. I have however found one episode that was in an English dub, which I believe was S07E01, Höllenfahrt auf der A4. Does anyone know where this originated from?

  • I live in England as well and found this amazing series on Europe's Greatest Stunts. I have caught the odd episode when on holiday but sadly, can't find any episodes in English - even sub-titled. I will look out for the one you found though.

    I am puzzled that it seems to be widely aired throughout Europe, I would assume, in various other languages but not in English. I think it would be worth a trial in the UK/US.

  • I share your thoughts Stewart- why air it in other parts of Europe and neglect us? I have seen versions of it dubbed in French and Spanish for exmaple so it is bizarre that it isn't in English.

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