Staffel DVD-s

  • Sorry for posting a thread in English but you understand a fellow "Alarm für Cobra11" fan better then, hopefully.
    What kind of languages do the DVDs have? Do they have only German subtitles or do they have other languages as well? Like English, Finnish? I'm actually Estonian but there is no way that there are Estonian subtitles available. I understand a bit of German but not enough to get the full picture about whats going on. Its much easier to learn German while doing something you really like. I love Alarm für Cobra 11 but I'd like it even more if I'd understand it.

  • Dear kokkan,
    it is really not a problem that you post a thread in English. I hope I can help you with your question. Actually the available DVD boxes of 'Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei' are only in German language without any subtitles. But if you are going to buy 'Alarm für Cobra 11 Special Edition', 'Alarm für Cobra 11 Vol. 2', 'Alarm für Cobra 11 Vol. 3' or 'Alarm für Cobra 11 Staffel 1' you can watch the episodes in German language with German subtitles. I am not sure whether that helps you to understand the content better.

  • Thank you for the answer. It is unfortunate to read that there are no subtitles in English anyway. But if there are German subtitles then I can at least take a dictionary and try to translate as much as possible. Fortunately I'm quite good in languages so hopefully I'll improve my German by watching and translating the series. Thank you!

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