Daniel Roesner im Krankenhaus

  • Ich habe heute morgen gesehen, dass Daniel ein Foto von sich aus dem Krankenhaus gepostet hat :(
    Anscheinend war es eine Knie OP. Ich hoffe doch mal dass er schnell wieder fit wird und wieder ins Drehen einsteigen kann :saint:

    "Wenn ich sage, ich gebe ein Zeichen
    heißt das nicht:
    Lauf los, wenn's dir passt!"

  • Hello ;

    I think Daniel return back to CObra 11 series quickly because in today's World The football players start to play in one month after knee surgery. So I think Daniel will be soon back at Cobra 11 series quickly. Also Cobra 11 has some storage episodes for several weeks. More Daniel may use Stuntman at the hard scenes of Cobra 11 epsiodes Where he by himself has to involve instead of himself.

    I wish God bless Daniel Rossner and I wish He cures quickly.

    Kindly Regards to You all.

    Gultekin :)

  • Hello Everybody How do You do ?

    I have just seen Daniel Roesner Fan Group page at Facebook. And he has put his photo at the hospital after his Knee operation. And I had wished him Gute Beserung ( Good Recovering ) and beside I asked him if he will use Stuntman for the riskful and dangerous scenes at the epsiodes of Cobra 11 ?

    I would like to inform You about his latest situation. And he is well and seems happy. Let me share his photo at his hospital room with his nurse.

    Kindly Regards.

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