Which episode of cobra 11 make you feel emotional in this season?

  • Hello Alll Dear Friends How do You do ?

    Let me ask You a question about Cobra 11 series for this season. Which episode did make You feel Emotional ?

    I became so sad and felt emotional at the episode of König Der diebe of Cobra 11 in this season. The most effective part was the death of the teeanager at the begining of the episode by gangster on the lorry. I felt sad because he was imagining to travel to Niagara Falls at the States with her sister When he earn enough money. So they didn't make real their dreams.

    Also I became happy at the end of the episode The former young theives all decided to have higher education in Italy and they stopped doing theft. This final part was the smiling scene in the episode :)

    What are your ideas ? Could You please share with me as a Cobra 11 Fan. Thank You.

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