Am Ende der Jugend und Himmelfahrtskommando

  • Hallo, Ich habe zwei Fragen, warum Ich habe nicht verstanden diese beiden Episoden (Am Ende der Jugend und Himmelfahrtskommando).
    Ok, I'll speak English, it's better... :D
    I didn't catch why Tyfun (I'm not sure that's the correct name) is angry with Semir: if I understood right, they used to organize illegal car races when they were young And what happened then?
    And the second question is: in the episode "Himmelfahrtskommando" why Ben wants to enter immediately the Church and Semir doesn't want to?

    By the way, in these days in Italy the inedited Season with Chris ( Season 22) are we'll have to wait for the new episodes with Ben, maybe until 2010 :(

    Tausend Danke! :)

  • That's easy. Tayfun and Semir were friends as teenagers and have stolen cars and other offenses. When they were arrested by the police were Semir had to decide. Either he goes to jail or he is on the side of the law. And he has decided against Tayfun.

    It is angry at Tayfun Semir.

    An ypur second Question:

    A church storming for ethical reasons is not allowed. Therefore hesitates Semir. Ben seemed to be pretty regardless.

    Der Welt gehen die Genies aus,
    Einstein ist tot
    Beethoven wurde taub
    und ich fühle mich auch nicht gut. :D:D

  • They have stolen cars?!?! But why? Did they sell it illegally?
    And did they in the end go to jail or not? Is Kalesh a friend of them? Semir "betrayed" Tayfun denouncing him? I can't figure him behave like a thieve! 8| :D

    Thank you for your answer Elvira! :)

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