• Hello as all.
    I noticed that fans had to meet the actors.
    It was well?
    How made one to meet them?
    I adore Erdogan Atalay and Ren? Steinke.
    How can one make to have an autograph of these two actors?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi chrystal!

    Welcome! It's not that fans "have" to meet the actors, it happens only when it is possible during the fanmeeting, or, if someone has the possibility to visit the set. And yes, usually it is very stimulating for many fans to meet their favourite actors.

    If you want to get autographs, you better contact with the fanteam, they will tell you, what to do. If I may suggest here, then Elsbeth Burk is in charge of these questions at the moment. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, if you sent her a PN or an E-mail.

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