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    I have one doubt.

    In Germany where does a married person wear the ring? In Spain is in the right hand and if I am not wrong Semir when he was married to Andrea the first time he wore the ring in the right hand and now he wore the ring in the left hand in the second weddiing.

    What is the right hand?

    Hello Dear Ronda How are You ?

    I wish You good night and I will learn the subject and I will write You here What I learned. By the way ; Do You know I learned that Erdoğan Atalay's Father has been living in my city. And I messaged him to meet beside he didn't answer me yet. If I meet with him. I will send You the photos and video of our meeting in İzmir city. Now I am going to see this week's episode via rtlnow de and I will share my ideas with on private message part. Take Care.Be Safe. God bless You.

    Kindly Regards to You
    Gültekin :)

    Hello All followers ;

    This episode is easy and nice to see and understand by foreign followers like me. Ofcourse Semir and Paul are the stars of the episode because they really worked hard to survive the lives of Orphaned children. :thumbup: This behaviours of Semir and Paul deserve the appluase :) Well done to them :thumbup: Thye really tried hard upon to the end of their force and finally succeeded to rescue the orphaned Children and their lives. This was great result. :):thumbup::thumbup:

    I wish You all blessed friday and happy and joyful Weekend :)

    Kindly Regards

    Points for this Week's episode is 8 points over 10 8/10

    Hello All Dear Followers ;

    I liked this week's episode. And I really saw the value of real friendship Which is shown towards the ill man by Paul Renner. And exactly Paul and Semir raced against time to survive the life of the friend of Paul. This is the perfect value and the price of unconditional friendship. Which is nearly impossible to find in today's World.Because Whyen You turn your back You are going to be stabbed ( I mean as Betrayal - Cheating between human relationships ) The struggle and the effort of Paul in order to reach the human heart to transplant to his friend were really excellent and deserves appluase. :):thumbup::thumbup:

    Secondly ; I really get sad to the death of the first ill teenage boy and I think his name was Sven Who was shot While he was waiting the transplatation of heart to him for recovering. I hope him not to be shot and killed by the white moustache man. Because his heart were destroyed and couldn't transplanted to Paul's friend. The first boy's death was the pittiest moment in the episode. :(;(X(:thumbdown:

    Thirdly ; The chasing scenes were excellent in this episode. especially the booming ( explosion ) of Paul and Semir's red car ( I think Ford Mustang Which they took from a driver on the road randomly for chasing the escaping guilty gang members ) at the begining of the episode and the car crash at the end of the episode Which Semir was missing Paul from the other Policemen Who were chasing them ) were really great. I really liked the action secenes. Wonderful and worth of watching many times. The explosion scene of the Petrol Tanker after the chasing scene at the begining of the episode. 8o:thumbup::thumbup::)

    Finally ; Semir and Paul got the second organ box from the man at the Helicopter runway and rescued the Paul's friend's life As a fan of Cobra 11 ; I really liked this episode. and wish You blessed friday and wonderful Weekend. :):thumbup::thumbup:

    Hello Dear All Followers ;

    At first ; Before starting to my reviews I would like to say that I wish a very successful Cobra 11 season for this new season.

    When I look through the first episode of this new season the production quality of the episode is excellent and wonderful working on the episode scenes in general. So I appreciate and congratulate the Action Concept for such a quality. I think the production quality is nearly equals to the Hollywood Movies. So Well done to the production Company and Cobra 11 Team , Actors and Actresses. :thumbup:

    Secondly ; The plot was so suprising for Me. Because the Kidnapping of the father of Andrea for being former personel of the Secret Service of Germany at the Wedding Ceremony of Semir and Andrea. This became so heavy for the Audiences Who expect to see the Wedding of Semir and Andrea. So I generally get tired between two scenarios in the episode . Because I think as I understand a General in the Army prepares of founding East Germany Country ( DDR ) again . And his plans are like a military coupe in Germany. This made us ( The Audiences ) tired. in Contrast to the Wedding session. This side of the episode is hardcore / Heavy dedective Story.

    Thirdly ; Paul and Dana didn't have sexual relation. I think Dana just slept near his Father's partner When Paul was unconscious. On the other side ; Jenny behaves wrong by being jealous When she sees Paul and Dana together. She must trust on Paul if she Likes him.

    Finally ; It is nice to see the Wedding of Semir and Andrea at the end. I don't know German. Therefore ; I write my comments in English. Also if I have missing parts in this episode please tell me. Have a nice Weekend You all. :)

    Kindly Regards

    Hello Dear Friends ;

    I would like to tell You current partner Daniel Roesner fits with the ex partner Christian Oliver ( Jan Richter ) in physically appearance. Both Daniel Roesner and Christian Oliver are short and ambitious for their role in Cobra 11. Beside the most loved partner was Tom Kranich ( Rene Steinke ) and the most liked partner especially by young adult girls at the age of for instance Dana like Tom Beck ( Ben Jager ) character. These are my reviews about the Partners.

    Finally; The current new character Daniel Roesner ( Paul Renner ) is okay and hardworking and perfect in match with Erdoğan Atalay ( Semir ). And I like Daniel Roesner ( Paul renner ) because if You remember his first episode in Cobra 11 series he explained his Story and it was When he was a child he met with Erdoğan Atalay ( Semir ) and also to be the partner of Semir was his childhood dream. Shortly Semir is the idol of Daniel Roesner ( Paul Renner ) since his childhood. So please give a chance to Daniel Roesner for proving himself in Cobra 11 episodes. :)

    Kindly Regards

    Ich fand den Trailer gar nicht peinlich also zumindest nicht den, der heute neu gepostet wurde. Und mir persönlich gefällt ein wenig Comedy so lange es nicht zu viel ist. Abwechslung ist was ich mag. Ich meine klar war "Für Immer und Ewig" für mich die Hochzeitsfolge mit Andrea und Semir aber das heißt nicht dass die zweite nicht gut ist. (weil sie halt vorher geschieden waren weiß ja jeder) Ich warte ab und bilde mir dann meine genaue Meinung darüber ich schreibe nicht schon vorher , dass es nicht besonders wird das bringt in meinen Augen gar nichts.
    Aber das muss ja jeder selber wissen was er mag und was nicht.

    @BlackWhiteRose Hello Yes You are right. It is not accurate by this episode Trailer. Because The Episode Trailer is very short for the Pilot Episode Which continues 90 minutes.

    I believe that it will be Entraining season for its each episode. :thumbup::thumbup::)

    @vlada99 Thank You very much for this Trailer. Ofcourse it is hard to understand any opinon about this episode by seeing this Trailer Because it is 90 minutes Pilot Episode. This was explained by Erdoğan Atalay at his Instagram Account at the definition part of the picture Where he and Gizem Emre together.

    I hope will be a good and exciting and adventorous season.

    Kindly Regards

    I checked his instagram yesterday. Such lovely pictures. He´s really cool (That´s my impression)

    Anyway: I wait for the real trailer sure no problem. I was just confused why they hadn`t posted it yet.

    @BlackWhiteRose You are Welcome. So You may Follow their Official Social Media Accounts and can hear the new developments. By the way ; Here is Erdoğan Atalay's Official Youtube and Instagram also Facebook Accounts. Let me sahre them with You. Have a nice Weekend. :):thumbup::thumbup:

    Official Instagram Account Of Erdoğan Atalay

    Official Youtube Account Of Erdoğan Atalay

    Official Facebook Account Of Erdoğan Atalay

    Hello All Daer Followers ;

    I advise to be patient for the Trailer of the new season. I am believing that it will be Fantastic Season. Just wait and be Patient. It is approaching for the near Future. We will see the new season's Trailer probably on the first Week of September.

    Kindly Regards to You

    Hello All Dear Fans ;

    I suppose RTL will show the new season's trailer on the last days of August. I feel like 27 of August will be the releasing date for the new season Which starts on 14 of September.

    I advise You to be patient. And we will see at least on 14 of September. Kindly Regards to You all. :)

    Since I do not read the stories of Susan, I can not suggest you any. There are so many stories that you should just read through.

    Hello Mrs. Elvira How do You do ?

    As You see I gained one of Fanatic Follower of Cobra 11 series from Turkey too. I became very happy to involve in this Cobra 11 Family. Because as You know ; Cobra 11 series are the part of my Life. I really become happy after I see the episodes of Cobra 11. More Erdoğan Atalay has a summer house in my region Where I have summer house too. It is named as Ynei Foça located a seaside region Where people do their summer holidays near to İzmir. If I see Mr.Erdoğan Atalay I will specially record a video with him.

    Ths Fanatic Lover of Tom Beck above lives in İstanbul in Turkey. I live in İzmir city at the Aegean region. Have nice days until the starting date of Cobra 11.

    God bless You

    Kindly Regards

    Merhaba Selam Nasılsınız ?

    Çok Teşekkür ederim. Bende çok memnun oldum. Tabi ki bende Fanatik Kobra Takibi izleyicisiyim. Ben Kobra Takibini rtlnow de sayfasından sezonu başladığı zaman her hafta takip ediyorum. Bu sezon unutmayınız 14 Eylül'de başlayacak. Bende yeni sezon bölümlerini heyecanla bekliyorum. Almanca bilmiyorum. Buradan size cevap yazan Elvira Hanım sağ olsun. Bana İngilizce olarak cevap yazıyor. Türkçe yazdığın için ayriyetten teşekkür ederim. Gurbette olan vatandaşlarımızın hasretini sanalda olsa burada anladım. :)

    Ben bir yıldır buradayım. Bu site Kobra Takibinin resmi takipçi sitesidir. Diğerlerine aldanmayınız. Burası tek resmi yerdir. Bu site Kobra Takibinin Yapımcı firması Action Concepte en yakın olan sitedir. Tabi ki Bu sitenin Instagramda , Facebook'ta ve Twitterda'da grup sayfası vardır.Ben sizin Facebook'ta ki açtığınız grup sayfasına bakacağım. Bu arada benim adım Gültekin.

    Bu siteden son derece memnunum. Sağ olsunlar eski başkanı Thorsten olsun Elvira Hanım olsun. Daha sonra Elvira hanımın asistanı Marco olsun. Çok iyi insanlardır. Yeni başkan Andreas'tır. Kendisiyle tanışmadım.

    Ben sizi buradan ekleyeceğim. İsterseniz sizde beni buradan takip ediniz. Almanca biliyor musun bilmiyorum. Ben yeni sezon başladığında İngilizce olarak bölümleri öğreneceğim. İstersen takipte kalırsın ve sanada bölüm özetlerini aktarırım. Selamlar.



    I would like to offer that You can follow Ben from his original Facebook page . His real name is Tom Beck. By the way ; I am from İzmir city Turkey. Which city of Turkey do You from ? As a Turkish citizen I became very happy to see another Turkish Cobra 11 Fan. More At the begining of this year I won the Fan award via this Cobra 11 fan website. I am the only award winner from Turkey and outtside of Germany. Moreover ; Your English is good enough. Congratulations.

    Secondly ; If You are the only Fan of Ben Stiller ( Tom beck ) You may follow his official social media accounts too.

    Kindly Regards

    Hello Dear All Cobra 11 Fans ; :thumbup:

    I don't know beside in my idea Daniel won't leave the series because he is going on acting successfull at the series. And also don't believe everything told by anyone up to it becomes certain by the Authorized people. 8)

    Kindly Regards


    vielleicht bin ich hier falsch
    ich bin Alarm für Cobra11 Fan und würde halt gerne mal als Stastist oder Gastrolle mitspielen wenn möglich


    Hello Junimond How do You do ?

    I would like to share my ideas about your wish to take a role at Cobra 11. If You ask me about my opinion. I would like to ask You Do You have a theater education or Did You have an education at Cinema and Theater Actor and Actress School or Faculty ? ( For instance Fine Arts Faculty and the Department is Theater ) So If You have these educations at your background. I offer You to appply to the Casting agencies related with the Tv Series such as Cobra 11. For instance ; I live in İzmir City Turkey and in my country The young people Who want to be Tv series Actors and Actresses go to Courses and Famous Academies more They have University ( College ) education at the Theater or Cinema departments in Fine Arts Faculty and at the related fields.So If You want to do acting job professionally I offer You to complete your education. :)

    Secondly ; If You want to take a small roles ( like walking pedestrians ) You may follow this web page. I think it will be announced if any oppurtunity occurs at Cobra 11 episodes. I also think like You. If I live in Germany I would also like to enroll in Cobra 11 Series. I am a real Fan too. I wish You good Luck. And state your status like gender, age , physical type and anything required.

    Finally trust this webpage. And follow the forums which publish on here. :thumbup:

    Kindly Regards

    Hello Dear Fans ;

    So The strating Date is 14 of September and The Starting Date Explanation date is 3rd of August. Am I right ? @ Eye.

    Thank You very much. And I wish you all Kindly Regards. :):thumbup::thumbup: