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FAQ about the international "Alarm for Cobra 11" - Fanmeeting

You are asking yourself what will happen at the international "Alarm for Cobra 11" fan meeting? E.g. if the actors of the series will be there? Or if you can watch the shooting of some scenes live

Then you are exactly right here at the FAQ! So that you will not be disappointed by your first fan meeting, here are the most frequently asked questions and related answers. We ask you to read the following FAQ carefully and if you still have a question which has not been answered, you can contact us by mail.

Are the actors in the series coming to the fan meeting?

First and foremost we organize our international "Alarm for Cobra 11" fan meetings to facilitate the exchange of fans among each other. Accordingly, we would like to emphasize that this is a fan meeting, in which the fans of the series act with each other and not a launch, as was the case with the "Cobra 11 Fanday".
In the context of the fan meeting, however, there is the possibility that there are program points where some series actors are to be found on site. However, we as the official fan club and organizer of the fan meeting guarantee in no way that performers of the series will be on site and explicitly point out that there were in the past more fan meetings where no series starters were to be found.

Where and when is the fan meeting?

The international "Alarm for Cobra 11" fan meeting will be from the 04th to the 06th of October 2024 in Kall-Urft (near Euskirchen, NRW). It's possible that we can make a trip near Cologne on Saturday.

How much is the partcipation fee?

The participation fee for the fan meeting will be 100 Euro including overnight stay and 80 Euro without overnight stay for each person.

How can I register for this year's fan meeting?

You can now register online using our registration form. Your registration is not complete until your participation fee has been paid to us and you have received a corresponding confirmation of participation from us.

Do I have to be a member of the Alarm for Cobra 11 fan club to attend the fan meeting?

No, membership in the fan club is not required.

What kind of program can I expect?

As in the previous years, we will not publish the planned program in advance. We will put together a program for the weekend around the RTL action series "Alarm for Cobra 11". On Saturday there's a possibility that we will make a trip near Cologne. To get a glimpse of how such a program might look like, we recommend a bit of browsing through the reports of previous fan meetings: to the reports

Does the fan meeting include the same program every year?

No, the program varies every year and may change due to external circumstances until shortly before the start. We as the official fan club are trying to make through various program points each fan meeting versatile and unique to offer long-term visitors every year a new experience.

How is the weekend organized by time?

The participants arrive on Friday evenings and can, after successful registration with the organizing team, get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.
On Saturday, after a hearty breakfast, the main program takes place. Depending on the duration of the program is interrupted by the lunch or ended by this. After dinner, small events or self-organized actions often take place in the property.
On Sunday, after a common breakfast, the bags are packed and the participants have to leave the accommodation.

What's the difference between the "Fanday" and your fanmeeting?

The "Cobra 11 - Fanday" was organized for the first time in 2017 by RTL and Produktionsfirma action concept. 300 fans were drawn by a lottery and were given the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the production company and to participate in an exclusive program on the site of action concept for one day. The program included an insight into the various areas of production, an autograph session with the cast of the series and a spectacular stunt show.

We as the official "Alarm for Cobra 11" fan club are volunteering and try to offer the fans of the series a platform for a mutual exchange with the international fan meetings, which extends beyond our forum. Our fan meetings are compiled, planned, organized and carried out by fans for fans. The accompanying program and the organization we put in our spare time on the legs, in order to be able to present the fans every year again a special weekend in the context of Germany's most successful action series.

Since the beginning of the fan meetings in the year 2000, we are actively supported by the production company action concept in the program design, which is why we had in the past already visited the production company or cinema premieres of various pilot episodes in the program. Such special program items are of course an additional highlight, but we are not guaranteed.
We as an official fan club, however, are working to make through various program points each fan meeting versatile and unique to offer long-term visitors every year a new experience.

Is a minimum age set for participation in the fan meeting?

Everyone who reached the age of 18 can participate in the fan meeting. With the written permission of the legal guardian, participation is possible even at the age of 16. Persons under the age of 16 are allowed to participate with an accompanying adult.

May I come to the fan meeting simply without a registration?

No, the fan meeting is a closed event. Persons who are not on the list of participants can not participate and are directed from the event site.

Is the amount of participations limited?

Yes, our event is limited to 50 participations.

Is it possible to participate in the fan meeting without an overnight stay?

Yes, to participate without accommodation is possible, whereby the fee is lower. In this case, you must independently strive for accommodation in the surrounding area, otherwise you may not be able to participate the whole program.

How do I pay?

The payment is made by bank transfer or via Paypal, the account details will be communicated to the participant after successful registration by e-mail. After complete receipt of payment a written confirmation of participation takes place. Unfortunately, a cash payment locally is not possible.

Please note when making a payment via Paypal that you are using the " Send money to friends or family " method, so there are no additional costs for us and you. If you do not use this feature, we will incur transaction fees for which we, as a volunteer organization, can not pay.

What is included in the fee?

The participation fee includes an accommodation for two nights, catering during the event, various program items and a surprise package for each participant. The participation fee without overnight stay doesn't include the overnight stay. The participation fee is payable per person.

The following meals are included:
Friday: dinner
Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner
Sunday: breakfast

Do I get catering from you without an overnight stay?

Of course, if you do not stay in our accommodation, you are free to use our catering and you do not have to rely on your own. We do not offer a room service to a hotel outside of our guesthouse ;)

How can I arrive?

For the arrival you're basically responsible for yourself. We as organizers accept no travel, distance or fuel costs.

We recommend arriving by car or by German train. Our event location can be reached on foot within 5 minutes from the Kall Urft train station. Please note that due to the flood disaster last year, a rail replacement service runs from Nettersheim or Kall to Urft. You can find more informations about this at Deutsche Bahn
Further travel tips and information about the venue will be provided to participants after the registration is completed.

When can I arrive?

Arrivals are possible on Friday, October 4th, between 6:00 pm and 0:00 am. If you can't arrive during this period, please contact us and we can find a solution.

How can I sign up more than one person (eg. Family members) for the fan meeting?

Please fill out a new registration form for each person you want to register. We also recommend you to use the message field at the registration form to let us know briefly, which persons belong together.

I have already signed up for the fan meeting but i didn't received any email from you.

If you haven't received an e-mail from us yet, please also check your spam folder of your e-mail account. If no response has been received from us within 7 days after your registration, please contact us via

Is there a Wi-Fi hotspot available?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a WiFi hotspot at the guest house. Likewise, we cannot offer a hotspot on our excursions outside the guest house.