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The participation fee covers all costs incurred for the event, in particular the catering, organization and rental costs for the premises. In addition, as a participant, you receive a surprise package at the beginning of the event. A detailed vote on the contents of this package will be made at the advanced time of event organization and will be communicated at the begin of the event.

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In order to be able to plan any necessary transport / travel routes to certain program points, we would like to ask you how you will arrive to the fan meeting.

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Your additional information for the organization does not constitute a binding commitment to the official fan club. This information is for the sole purpose of organizing the event in the majority's favor.

We will provide sufficient food during the event. This includes two dinners, one lunch and two breakfasts for the overnight guests. In order to plan the meals in the best possible way, we need information about which foods are suitable for you. In this case, several details can be made.

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You can send us a message or further comments, such as wishes for room occupancy.


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