New look of Jenny

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    • I follow her on instagram and I saw it and was like: "Oh new look. Why did she dye her hair blonde?" And now I`m like: "Whatever it´s her hair it looks good but she can dye it back to brown if she wants."

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    • Hello Ronda and BlackWhiteRose ; How Are You ? :)

      Let me tell You my opinion about this title headline. I think it is normal for a woman to change her hair color. This is not unusual. Today she can be blonde and next Week she can be brunette. This is upon to her and her choice. Or the second posssibility ; She made her hair color change for the Cobra 11 Episodes.

      Have a nice Week to You all. :thumbup:

      Kindly Regards
      :) :thumbsup:
    • Oops I forgot to fill in one word in my other post.
      So yeah I was just surprised that she choosed blonde. But whatever its her hair.
      And your second theory sounds interesting. When Jenny shows up with blonde hair I wanna see the reaction of her co workers :D
    • BlackWhiteRose schrieb:

      Sie hat inzwischen wieder braune Haare (sieht man auf ihrem Instagram am 3.12. letztes Jahr) und ich finde das gut so. Weil braun steht ihr doch unterm Strich besser als blond finde ich.
      @BlackWhiteRose Hello Dear My Friend Wie geht Es Ihnen ? I wish You happy new year. And I think everything for You becomes all right for You in your life in this new year. Yes Jenny turned to her origin hair color brown Which she was born from her mother. I respect to her. Beside I live in Turkey For instance in Turkey ; You can rarely meet Ladies Who have their original hair colors. Most of them dye their hair to blonde or brunette. I dont understand Why do some Women prefer different hair color than their Original hair color ? This is always a Questionmark for Me :!: :rolleyes: :/

      Finally ; I have learned via Jenny's Instagram page that She had left the Cobra 11 series completely. And She will work another projects in her career. I would like to share this information with You.

      Have a nice Week. Kindly Regards to You. :)