Birte Glang ( Casting Actress In The Episode das B Team )

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    • Birte Glang ( Casting Actress In The Episode das B Team )

      Hello Dear All Cobra 11 Fans and Followers ;

      I would like to mention about the Casting Actress in the episode of Das B Team. She is Birte Glang Who she was contributing in the abducting of Semir and Paul in the begining of the episode. So I got very angry to her if she became near my side While I was watching the episode I will beat her by her Bad Position role in the episode. :cursing: X( So this proves that she acted her role very well and I appreciate her by acting her role in this episode. Congratulations. Well Done to her. 8o :thumbsup: :thumbup: Beside I hope we see her in good role plays if she again acts in Cobra 11 episodes.

      Finally ; I found her role play performance very well and I grade her 10 over 10. Whereas ; I got angry to her due to her bad character role playing. I advise her to continue on acting performances. She is very successful. :thumbup:

      Have A Nice Weekend to You All. 8)

      Kindly Regards
      :) :thumbup: